2017 European Championship – Round 2


Leaders Heading Into Round 3

With one round left to play, 19 players from 8 different countries sit atop the leaderboard.

Age Group Name Home Country Rd 1 Rd 2 Total
Boys 7 & Under Jaxson Perry United Kingdom 33 31 -8
Boys 8 Filip Grave Sweden 35 32 -5
Boys 9 Alexander Viscovich Denmark 70 76 +2
Boys 10 Giovanni Binaghi Italy 72 73 +1
Boys 11 Noa Auch-Roy France 70 74 E
Boys 12 Shubham Jaglan India 71 66 -7
Boys 13 Ruben Lindsay United Kingdom 69 73 -2
Max Shirvell United Kingdom 72 70 -2
Boys 14 Max Hopkins United Kingdom 66 69 -9
Boys 15-18 Max Adams United Kingdom 76 70 +2
Girls 8 & Under Anna Huang United States 36 35 -1
Girls 9 Isabella Dovhey United States 32 31 -9
Girls 10 Grace Crawford United Kingdom 66 75 -3
Maggie Whitehead United Kingdom 68 73 -3
Girls 11 Sophia Fullbrook United Kingdom 74 72 +2
Girls 12 Lou Loron France 71 75 +2
Bailey Shoemaker United States 72 74 +2
Girls 13-14 Pia Babnik Slovenia 67 68 -9
Girls 15-18 Euphemie Rhodes United Kingdom 71 72 -1



Eight-year-old Zbairi Fourel Nael (France) made an ALBATROSS on his last hole yesterday, beating his first round by 14 strokes! His playing partner, Captain Jack Sparrow, was there to celebrate with him. Congratulations Zbairi Fourel!



The second hole-in-one of the tournament came yesterday at the picturesque 13th at The Glen as Jaivir Pande (Texas) made an ace from 128 yards.

Economic Impact

The European Championship benefits more than just the skills of the players involved. The influx of tourists in the area delivers over a million pounds to the local economy – filling restaurants, hotels and B&Bs along Scotland’s Golf Coast.


Councillor John McMillan, East Lothian Council Provost and Spokesperson for Economic Development and Tourism, said:

“This is a fantastic event which has become a fixture on the East Lothian calendar. In the decade since the championship was first held in the county, it is thought to have resulted in a multi-million pound boost for the local economy.

“The fact that we continue to draw events of this stature to East Lothian underlines that Scotland’s Golf Coast is blessed with fantastic assets. We have the highest concentration of golf courses in the world and I’m very proud of the many people who work hard to maintain our reputation as a superb golfing destination.

“The young people attending and their families will receive a very warm East Lothian welcome, and I’m sure will greatly enjoy experiencing some of our historic and world-famous golf courses.”

Grant Forrest


Grant Forrest with Dan Van Horn

Grant Forrest, a Craigielaw member, won the inaugural European Championship as a 14-year-old. He is now playing professionally and had this to say about the European Championship:

“I remember how excited I was to compete in one of my first international golf competitions and to do this in East Lothian made it even more special. The competition is a fun event and a great way to introduce young boys and girls to competitive golf. I can’t quite believe that it is now a decade since I won the very first event and it is fantastic to watch the competition develop each year and see more and more young golfers from across the world come to compete in East Lothian. I know every competitor will gain a huge enjoyment from the experience and maybe I might see one or two of them in the professional ranks in the years to come.”

“This is the 10th Anniversary of the European Championship and the outstanding talent that’s on display is a true testament to the commitment and pride that golf engenders in players and families around the world.

“We are excited to recognize such outstanding players. Players, such as Grant Forrest, have used this event to help establish themselves in professional golf. Without question, there will be more from this year’s field that will do the same.”

European Van Horn Cup

As the tradition continues, the European Van Horn Cup is contested on Friday morning following the three-day European Championship. Last year, the closest fought cup in its history saw the International side retain their title for the fourth year running after a sudden death playoff. Finishing 5-5 from ten four-ball matches on Luffness New Golf Club, the cup was taken to a playoff when Sigurdur Gardarsson playing with his partner Kjartan Gudmundsson, both Boys 14 competitors from Iceland, sank a pressurized eagle putt. The International side went on to edge the cup on the first playoff hole, improving the overall record to 5-5.


Sigurdur Gardarssoner & Kjartan Gudmundsson shaking hands with their competitors

The pairing with the lowest round in the European Van Horn Cup were awarded the Morrison Medal, named in honor of the late Sir Garth Morrison, who was Lord Lieutenant for East Lothian, and his wife Lady Gill Morrison.

This year, the cup moved from Luffness New to Gullane No. 2. The top players from Western Europe face off against the top International players in a team event. Two players from each of the following age groups represented their respective teams: Boys 10, Boys 11, Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 14, Boys 15-18, Girls 11, Girls 12, Girls 13-14 and Girls 15-18. In all, 10 games of stroke-play four-ball are played, and each game was worth one point.


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