The pitching wedge that traveled 8,000 miles


Austin Jet and a fellow-competitor’s mom celebrate his hole-in-one during the Phoenix Fall Local Tour event at Wigwam Resort.

Austin Jet’s ace on the Phoenix Fall Local Tour was truly a shot heard – and seen – around the world.

Austin’s father is in the military and stationed more than 8,000 miles from Wigwam Resort’s Heritage Course. As Austin approached the 12th hole, his mom held up her phone so her husband could watch their son play the par 3 via Skype.

The “click” of the ball being struck was followed by the “ping” of the ball hitting the flagstick, and finally the ball went “clink” as it found the bottom of the cup.

The ball only traveled 71 yards, but the moment traveled 8,000 miles. Congratulations, Austin…we’re happy you could share this memory with your family!

// Chris Richards, USKG Senior Manager of Communications

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